Whole foods based meal prep DELIVERY for the Kansas City area!

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Pesto Shrimp Zoodles

The New Standard of Clean Eating

The Perfect Week Plan

Designed for balance, this 5-day plan is intended to allow you to reap the benefits of a healthy, whole foods based diet while still enjoying life! Receive 3 nourishing meals per day, along with veggie snack packs and one dozen superfood bites. This plan includes FREE delivery!

The Perfect Week Plan - Couples

Studies show we can see better results when working toward goals with a partner. Grab your s/o, workout buddy or bestie and get started on the road to better health through better nutrition, together! Our Perfect Week Plan, doubled, with FREE delivery (must be delivered to same address). 

The Perfect (Work) Week Plan

This plan is intended for those who need fewer meals during the week, but still want to enjoy the benefits and convenience of a healthy, whole foods-based diet. Ideal for work day meals and snacks, you'll receive 5 entrees, 3 breakfast dishes, 4 veggie snack packs and 1/2 dozen superfood bites...and FREE delivery!

Taste the difference. Feel the difference.

Seasonally inspired recipes and fresh flavors, using only the highest quality ingredients. This is whole foods based nutrition, made easy. Your body will thank you. 

If anyone is looking for seriously delicious high quality convenient meals, look no further! Having tried multiple meal deliveries I can tell you the food always goes down hill after a bit. Conveniently nourished never does. The food is always fresh and always delicious. I don’t have the time or energy to think about planning and buying ingredients, let alone cooking meals like this. Thank you Conveniently Nourished for making eating healthy enjoyable and easy! We LOVE your food!

S. Turner (Overland Park, KS)

Thanks @convenientlynourished for the amazingly healthy meal plan. Love my twice weekly deliveries and every meal has been delicious.

H. Tavalali (Kansas City, MO)

I can’t say enough great things about Conveniently Nourished. I have always wanted to be healthier, but I also wanted to eat great food and enjoy life. Most people can go on a diet for a few weeks, but eventually go back to what is easy and lose the results. This is the best of both worlds because the food is great, I eat healthy, and I can sustain this lifestyle. In the first 4 months I lost 30 pounds and am back to my college weight at 39 years old. I also snored badly, which resulted in poor sleep, and I had terrible heartburn. A month after changing my eating habits the heartburn was gone, and I was getting great sleep, even waking up before my alarm. I also have a ton more energy. Bethany makes it super easy to know what I am putting in my body in terms of calories, fats, proteins and carbs. I am a terrible cook, so the premade meals option is a lifesaver.

Rob M. (Kansas City, MO)