Whole foods based meal prep DELIVERY for the Kansas City area!

Collection: Meal Prep Plans: 1/2 week

You can still get your favorite meal prep plan (and discount!) when we only have one delivery during the week!

The easiest and most cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of our whole foods based nutrition! Designed to provide exceptional nutrition and variety through our set weekly menu (menu items change weekly) including breakfast and entree dishes as well as snacks. These plans are created with balance in mind- intended to ensure you see the results of exceptional nutrition, while not missing out on life! Additionally, The Perfect Week Plans provide a 15-30% discount over individually ordering all of the meals and snacks included in the plans.

The Perfect Week Plan: our signature weekly plan designed for one person

The Perfect Week Plan (Couples): grab a friend or family member and enjoy discounted rates for two!

The Perfect (Work) Week Plan: for those who need fewer meals throughout the week, but still desire the benefits and convenience of whole foods based nutrition, delivered. 

Design your own Perfect Week Plan: pick and choose individual items to create your own custom Perfect Week of nutrition! Each weekly menu includes pricing for individual meals and snacks.
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